UP TO 15  TEAMS 6  - 12  RUNNERS 650 KM 


Teams consist 6-12 runners. Leaving from Nathan Phillips Square at 21:00 October 30th, they’ll run a non-stop relay to the top of Mount Royal, Montreal.


In 2017 the Run to Montreal started as a crazy way to commemorate a lost friend, push boundaries and raise money for a collection of amazing causes. Since then, it’s grown into something bigger. The run has turned into a race and inspired runners of all speeds and experiences to test their metal.  Whether it’s to win it, or just to finish – bragging rights are up for grabs.


Early bird pricing for first 5 teams or March 15th whichever comes first .  The event is capped at twelve teams.  If you’re interested, email darrenweldrick@runningtherunway.com

Full team details and roster to come.


The Run to Montreal raises money for the following worthy causes:

In addition to the above, each team is encouraged to raise funds for any additional causes they want to support.